Michael Kraabel

Passionate about film, photography, travel, adventures, and vintage cars. I finally found a way to combine my life’s passion into helping others find their dream car.

Following Passions

I’ve worked in advertising as a creative director, director, photographer, and writer for most of my professional life. Over the past few years I had been searching for a way to focus the hobbies and interests I had outside the office. Bishop+Rook was crated as an outlet to develop the projects, ideas, and products related to my passion for travel, film, and automobiles.

Having purchased my first Land Rover Defender 90 in the spring of 2014, I fell in love with the way she drove and the conversations I had at car shows, gas stations, parking lots, and anywhere I drove her.

People have unique reaction when they see a vintage Land Rover.  It inspires a sense of adventure and a wanderlust not found with any other vehicle. Wanting to capture this feeling on film, I started doing research on the sub-culture of Defender owners around the world — specifically the green laning culture in England. My ultimate goal is to film a documentary series about the Defender culture and the last “Go Anywhere” vehicle on the planet. This series, called “Adventure Tested,” would not only dig deep into the UK Land Rover culture, but also follow a series of Americans as they hunt the English countryside for their perfect Land Rover Defender.

Sharing Our Passion

What you will find on this site is information related to the project, and a variety of vehicles we find along the way. We do a light restoration and offer them up for adoption for those in the midwest to enjoy at home. We restore the vehicles to an adventure-tested stage — not over-restored and not over-priced. We simply want to share our love an passion for these amazing vehicles with like-minded people.

We price our vehicles fairly. Any profit we make is turned back into our creative project. Any work we do is to ensure people can enjoy them right away — we make sure they are adventure ready on day one.

While we do have vehicles in stock, we also offer a service to find and import cars with specific requirements.  Drop us a note and let us know what you would like.


We’re sure you have many questions. We try our best to answer anything and everything that comes our way, even if you decide not to do business with us.  We simply love these vehicles.