Adventure-Ready Land Rover Defender

Adventure-Ready Defender Series

The patina and dings tell a unique story of each Defender. When you sit behind the wheel of  a vintage Land Rover you should immediately start to imagine the had and adventures ahead.

Where Your Adventure Begins

We source nearly all of our vehicles in road-worthy and drivable condition, but that doesn’t
mean the standard of quality from their previous keeper is the same as ours. When we bring
a Defender project into the workshop it is our goal to refresh them to an adventure-tested
stage — not over-restored and not over-priced. We simply want to share our love and passion
for these amazing vehicles with like-minded people. Our line of Adventure Ready Defenders
maintain their original character and patina, without letting major mechanical issues get in
the way of your next journey.

The Adventure-Ready Land Rover Defender Series

A Fantastic Base Defender

This category of Defender provides you with a good solid base to take you on adventures on day one.  We put these Defenders through an extensive mechanical service to ensure they are roadworthy and reliable. They will retain their original charm and character developed over several decades of travels and travails.

Enhance Over Time

This category of Defender will serve as a great base for a restoration – either as an immediate project, or what we like to call a “driving restoration.” The best way to enjoy a Defender is by driving it, not by spending your time taking every component apart hunting down hidden issues.  With our Adventure-Ready Defender Series we will have addressed a great deal of these potential issues, allowing you to enjoy your Defender as-is, or upgrade over time.

Best Defender For Your Budget

We provide both RHD and LHD vehicles in this category, although there is typically a fairly significant price delta between the two. There are few budget-minded LHD Defenders left on the market, which is a good incentive to look at a RHD vehicle as an option. We believe you can get a better vehicle for your money in this category if you’re able to consider this option. For us, the charm and character of a RHD Defender cannot be matched, although we do realize there are some people where this becomes an impractical quirk.

Adventure-Ready Land Rover Defender

Begin Your Adventure

Whether you’re beginning your search or you’re already figured out your journey, we would love to hear from you.

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