Custom Heritage Defender Build

We will never “sell” you a Defender, but we will help you build one. We start each build with a vision and help you build one that matches your personality and lifestyle.

Custom Build Process

With a team of Land Rover Defender preservation and restoration specialists located in England and America, we have the ability to craft and build your ideal dream vehicle. We design Defenders that have unmatched character and style – unique to each owners own personality.

Bespoke Without The Haughtiness

We preserve the character of each Defender without the facsimile design other builders often follow. We approach Land Rover Defender Restoration with a preservation philosophy –  “preserve what we can, restore what’s needed, refresh the rest for peace of mind. This ethos allows us to offer the same world-glass quality without the astronomical prices typically associated with bespoke Defender builds.

The Difference Between a $25,000 Defender and a $250,000 Defender

I would wager that most of you reading this blog post do not have a blank check to begin your entry into Land Rover Defender ownership.  It’s likely you’ve seen Defenders priced from $10,000 to $250,000 around the world and you’re wondering why there is such a vast price difference between the low-end and high-end.  There’s a very good reason.

$25,000 to $250,000

Building Your Defender

We offer a complete refresh and restoration option for those who want us to help them source and build their ideal Defender. We offer everything from minor upgrades and enhancements to complete nut-and-bolt rebuilds.

Let Us Know If You Would Like to Discuss a Build

Link to photo or listing of desired Defender. It's ok if it's a competitor - we won't make it awkward. We just want to build you your dream Defender.