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    Import a Classic Land Rover Defender

    As we started focusing more of our business on custom and bespoke-built Defenders, we wanted to ensure we were still helping folks get into the Defender lifestyle.  As such, we now offer sourcing an importing services on a limited basis.

Transparent Land Rover Defender Import Pricing

In 2022, we started offering paid consulting services for folks looking to import an entry-level Land Rover Defender.  While we have always wanted to focus on providing these for sale directly through Bishop+Rook, keeping inventory in stock for those looking for Defenders in this category became difficult.

As most people love the joy of the search, we decided we would offer a Land Rover Defender Import Service to help eliminate the stressful components of buying a Defender in the UK and shipping it back home to enjoy.

We offer a sourcing service based on your budget, including inspection, transportation, mechanical refresh work, and importing.  The below calculator will give you an idea of what the costs are to Import a Vintage Land Rover Defender from the UK

Two columns

UK Sourcing + Importing Service


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