Defender Preservation Series

When we find a Defender with a good story and unique character, we do everything we can to maintain that charm, while enhancing and preserving it for the next generation of adventures.

Where The Story Continues

When we preserve a Land Rover Defender, we approach the project in a way that allows us to maintain the original character of the vehicle, while ensuring it is brought back for a second life. We take great care to keep the parts of the Defender that give it their personality, while upgrading it for the modern age.

The Preservation Land Rover Defender Series

A Well Storied Defender

This category of Defender provides you with a Defender that will not only bring you great adventures, but will come with a personality and history of their own. There is a special class of Defenders that come with a name, a history, and a unique story that precedes it. Preserving and protecting that character becomes our top priority with our Defender Preservation Series.

Add To The Experience

For many of our preservation class Defenders, we will still complete a fairly in depth restoration. But rather than stripping the vehicle down to the bare chassis and using it as a blank canvas, we ask ourselves, “how can we make this Defender better than it was before, while still maintaining its personality.”  We view this like a “spa treatment” for a Defender (you know, the spa packages where someone needs to go away for a bit, but come back looking 10 years younger?  That type of spa package.

Customize To Your Next Story

We realize that we can’t protect every aspect of the Defender by locking it in a time capsule, but we can provide the new family with a base to add experiences to.  We discuss this with each new family and ask them how they plan to add to the story of the Defender.  From there, we’re able to add, enhance, upgrade, modify, or just otherwise prepare the vehicle for a new life of stories.

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