The Bishop+Rook Land Rover Defender Maintenance Guide

If you’ve never owned a classic vehicle before, we’re sure you have a lot of questions. Caring for a vintage Land Rover Defender is no different than a classic American car – and millions of Americans do so each years.  So, what’s the secret?


The Land Rover Defender has a mixed reputation for reliability.  Many of the complaints about the Defender come from people owning a neglected vehicle that has had minimal service over the years. A well restored or serviced Defender, on the other hand, will drive for hundreds of thousands of reliable miles.


An Overview to Land Rover Defender Maintenance

We often joke around the workshop that a Land Rover Defender can be taken apart using a combination of 10mm and 13mm sockets and spanners. But that’s only partially true.  You’ll also need a big hammer and some penetrating oil to encourage old bolts to break loose.

Maintenance Overview


Parts + Service

One of the easiest things about owning a vintage Land Rover Defender is getting parts. There are a great number of manufacturers producing the same OEM quality parts as they did when the Defender ran off the assembly line.  In addition, a great number of parts distributors support the market – both here in the US and across the world.

Parts Suppliers

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