We are one of the only Defender builders in the world that provide a complete spectrum of Land Rovers available to the market. We like to consider ourselves the Matchmaker for Defenders.

A Defender for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for a unique low-mileage Defender survivor or a complete nut-and-bolt bespoke restoration, we want to be the team that provides you with your dream vehicle. When other companies focus on cheap mechanical nightmares, or Defenders costing the same price as a house, we focus instead on – Defenders for the regular person.

How We Categorize The Bishop+Rook Defenders

Defenders Within Reach

Defender ownership doesn’t always have to come with a premium price tag. Bishop+Rook is dedicated to providing Defender within everyone’s reach. Our project-level Defenders may have patina, small bits of corrosion, bumps, bruises, and signs of use – but they will all have potential. They may be projects we can’t get to right away, or projects that just deserve to be driven as they are – with the complete history and story of the original vehicle.

Adventure-Ready Defender Series

We source nearly all of our vehicles in road-worthy and drivable condition, but that doesn’t mean the standard of quality from their previous keeper is the same as ours. When we bring a Defender project into the workshop it is our goal to refresh them to an adventure-tested stage — not over-restored and not over-priced. We simply want to share our love and passion for these amazing vehicles with like-minded people. Our line of Adventure Ready Defenders maintain their original character and patina, without letting major mechanical issues get in the way of your next journey.

Preservation Defender Series

When we preserve a Land Rover Defender, we approach the project in a way that allows us to maintain the original character of the vehicle, while ensuring it is brought back for a second life. We take great care to keep the parts of the Defender that give it their personality, while upgrading it for the modern age.

Custom Built Defender Series

With a team of Land Rover Defender preservation and restoration specialists located in England and America, we have the ability to craft and build your ideal dream vehicle. We design Defenders that have unmatched character and style – unique to each owners own personality.

Limited Edition Bespoke Defender Series

For those with very specific requirements in mind for their Defender, we put them in a completely unique category, where every detail is discussed and every option on the table.  From the upholstery thread color to the subtle tint of the final paint, we meticulously provide each option. With the Limited Edition Bespoke Series, there are no copies, only originals.

Bishop+Rook Heritage Defenders