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Real-time Shipping

*LR Direct
Real-time Shipping calculations and great parts catalog, including Bearmach, Britpart, and Official Land Rover. Shipped within 2-3 days via DHL (excellent).

SP 4×4
Great source for body panels and restoration supplies. Does not offer real-time shipping quotes.

LR Parts (UK)
Nice ability to shop by vehicle.  Lots of parts, part catalogs, and support.  Does not offer real-time shipping quotes.

Trek Overland (UK)
Good source for general parts, but mostly a great outfitter for overland/camping parts. Offers real-time shipping (reasonable) rates on most parts.  Heavier stuff requires a quote.

First Four (UK)
Nice ability to shop by vehicle.  Offers a price match promise. Good for accessories. Shipping costs seem to be high, but prices are lower. Your results may require some searching.

*Total Parts (UK)
Great website and product inventory. Really reasonable shipping quotes provided in real-time via DHL.

*JGS4x4 (UK)
Awesome site, with excellent parts variety. Easily searchable, including good photography.  Real-time shipping quotes at reasonable rates.

*DLS Independent Land Rover Center (UK)
Great supplier of body panels and restoration parts. Real-time shipping with reasonable prices. Easy to navigate and find the right part you may be looking for.

Rimmer Bros (UK)
Really good supplier with a good catalog and good parts. Some larger items do not have real-time shipping, but most others do. Reasonable pricing and ability to cross-reference quite easily.

Paddock Spares & Accessories (UK)
Excellent catalog of parts, with photos for identification. Does not offer real-time shipping quotes. Can place the order and just trust them, or you can have them notify you via email or phone.

Island 4×4 (UK)
Good website for Bearmach, Britpart, and other manufacturers. Does not offer real-time shipping quotes. Very competitive prices.

John Craddock (UK)
One of the leading UK parts supplier. Reasonable prices. Must wait for email to get shipping quotes.


Rovers North (USA)
North American based supplier of parts and info. They publish Rovers Magazine.  Primarily geared towards NA spec vehicles, with the pricing to match. Many of the products they carry need to be shipped from the UK anyway (taking time). Good folks, but not great if you’re on a budget or a timeline.

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