UPDATE: Winter 2019

The overall market for vintage Land Rover Defenders imported to the US has gone up considerably over the past two years. Part of this is due to supply and demand, but there are also several other factors in play.  Rising fuel costs, shipping costs, labor costs, and market supply are the major players.  We have updated our pricing below to reflect current market conditions and will do our best to stay on top of the trends over the summer.


Our goal is to provide the highest quality Defenders in the United States at the most reasonable cost. We would be surprised if you found a comparable Defender at the prices we offer. We can do this because we keep our overhead down as much as possible.  We keep things simple with the single goal of helping good people get good cars.

We track the global Land Rover Defender market on a daily and weekly basis to make sure our pricing is fair. We have developed a tiered approach to pricing, which helps us establish a baseline pricing, helping us decide which vehicles are viable options for people here in the states. Our goal is to be at least 10-20% less than similar vehicles around the country.

One thing that factors into pricing (if you’re looking on eBay or similar online marketplace) is the cost of shipping.  We will cover this in detail in other areas, but will list some simple pricing here:

East Coast to Minnesota Shipping – $750-$1,200

Minnesota to California/Seattle/Portland – $900 -$1,500

Anything inside 500 miles is usually $1-1.25 a mile.

We do have the ability to help negotiate rates directly with drivers, if you would like.

1-Jerry Can Defenders ($14k-16k Defender 90 / $18-20k Defender 110)

These vehicles resemble Land Rover Defenders. They have 4 wheels, at least 2 doors, a motor, and likely a bit of rust (everywhere). If we’ve imported it, then it runs. At least enough to get on to the boat and on to a trailer. We avoid these at all costs, but if someone sells us a lemon, we will do this: offer it for sale for exactly what we paid for it.

2-Jerry Can Defenders ($16k-18k Defender 90 / $20-24k Defender 110)

These are projects. They run and drive, but are probably not suitable for long trips or going anyplace where it’s important to arrive on time. Often times these vehicles are mechanically fine, but may come with hidden rust issues. We do a pretty extensive inspection when we source our Defenders, but sometimes sellers can conceal some of these elements, or make cosmetic repairs that make it look fine, but once we dig deeper into our restorations they come to light. As running and driving projects, we would only recommend someone with good mechanical skills take on one of these projects.

3-Jerry Can Defenders ($19k-24k Defender 90 / $22-29k Defender 110)

These are running and driving Defenders who have had adventurous lives. They are mechanically solid and have been properly sorted. There may still be a few dings here and there, but overall they present well. If you brought a 3-Jerry Can Defender home without telling your better half, you may get a head shake, but you wouldn’t have to sleep in the garage (even if you wanted to … at least the first night). To be honest, my daily Defender driver is a good solid 3.  And I love her. She’s a driving restoration.

4-Jerry Can Defenders ($24k-32k Defender 90 / $28-36k Defender 110)

Our goal is to make sure every Defender we offer falls into the 4 to 4.5 range. This is the place where a good Defender should live. They start, stop, open, close, and all the panels are properly attached. There may be a tiny ding or faded paint on a panel, but if we’ve left it that way, it’s because it had character. On a 4, all the seals will have been replaced, valves adjusted, injectors swapped, and electrical elements should all be properly sorted. These are the kind of vehicles you can jump into and turn the key. But they’re also the kind of Defenders that you won’t be afraid to drive in the city or down a country road. They’re still 25 year old Land Rovers, so they’re not going to be perfect. If you wanted that you probably would have stopped reading a few Jerry cans ago.

5-Jerry Can Defenders ($30k-42k+ Defender 90 / $37-55k+ Defender 110)

Every once in a while we come across a Defender that stands above the rest. They’re 100% sorted, they are nearly mechanically perfect, and they’re ready for anything you throw at them. The fives are rare, but they do exist. It may be that we’ve added extras to her to make her special: roof rack, air-con, lift kit, fresh paint, etc.