Adventure-Ready Land Rover Defender

Why Bishop+Rook

We Build Defenders for Life’s Adventures

Where Our Journey Began

Bishop+Rook was created in the calmed thoughts in the back of my head as I drove across the country behind the wheel of my first vintage Land Rover.  Time seemed to be slowing down, as the analogue experience of driving a vintage Defender through the back roads of America created necessary space for space for dreaming.  The clutter, chaos, and banality of everyday life slipped into the shadows and silence – with one simple thought remaining: everyone should be able to experience moments like these.

Land Rovers were built for adventure, in whatever form that may come. For generations, they have inspired intrepid travelers to explore the world beyond everyday life – offering freedom to explore in an often shrinking and frenzied world.  The practical simplicity and utilitarian nature of these classic vehicles speaks to our younger souls – offering nothing excessive and nothing extravagant – just the basics.    Keeping these cherished vehicles on the road and passing down the knowledge and experience needed to do so was an idea I couldn’t shake.

For me, this has been a journey that morphed quickly from a hobby, into a passion, and ultimately grew into a business. We’ve slowly and carefully assembled a team of like-minded individuals around the world, opening new workshops when practical and necessary. We trained our teams to be focus on doing what’s right for the project and our customers.

Over these years, it has never been about building a company, or even building Land Rovers, for that matter – it has been about creating something that mattered, that would last the test of time, and add value to our lives. It was also about creating a sustainable livelihood for our team members that consider Bishop+Rook part of their family.

When you welcome a Land Rover into your stable, it’s about acknowledging the need to slow down, take in the moments, become more present, and seek out adventure in everyday life.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Bishop+Rook Team

Bishop+Rook is an employee-owned company that builds and restores vintage Land Rovers.  We have workshops in England, Spain, and America where we manage the entire restoration process from start to finish. We have assembled a truly world-class team of passionate Land Rover enthusiasts dedicated to giving new life to these incredible machines.

We are not a dealer or reseller – when you select Bishop+Rook as your partner, you’re dealing directly with the team building your project – the ones focused on the process, quality of each build, pride in craftsmanship, and the ability to say with confidence: we built something unique and special.  Our workshops are free of excess and flair. They are basic, sometimes loud, and often filled with the smell of diesel.  Just the way we like it.

We are a true family, with fathers and sons, husbands, and wives, siblings and best friends all working together to produce some of the most iconic Land Rovers in the world.  We believe in offering mechanically reliable and beautifully built Land Rovers at a fair price.

We build unique and timeless Land Rovers for the journey that awaits each and every one of us ahead.  We can’t wait to see what you want to build.

Resources + Education

The Bishop+Rook Journal

We’ve always believed in helping folks through the process of building or adopting their ideal Land Rover Defender. This is the place where we post about projects, give helpful advice, leave random posts unfinished, etc. It’s like a blog, but not really.

Bishop+Rook Heritage Defenders