While the primary focus at Bishop+Rook is building and preserving vintage Land Rover Defenders, we also love a good challenge and the chance to play with unique and exotic cars from around the world.  We’re particularly fond of boxy cars with limited electronic components – the beauty of simplicity. As such, we offer a concierge automotive searching service for those looking for something unusually specific or equally as unique.

The process is pretty straight forward for us to perform a custom search for the car of your dreams.  We’ve found everything from single-year models to a very particular Land Rover Series IIa in a marine blue original patina paint. If it exists on the planet, our team can find it.

Our concierge specialists work for the you, as the buyer, acting as your advocate when searching for and acquiring special a vehicle. We serve as a fact finder, negotiator, and personal assistant much like you would experience with a great concierge at a five star hotel. We are not a broker service in general, nor an internet search/shopping service. We’re more like detectives, archeologists, and car hunters – using our connections in the vintage car marketplace to find you what you’re looking for – sourcing from clubs to personal friendships – in countries all over the world.

Step One – The Searching Brief + Criteria

We sit down, either in-person or virtually, and discuss the specifics of your search request.  What model and years are you looking for?  What condition and level of restoration?  What unique features or enhancements are must haves vs. nice to haves? We also discuss budget and timing to ensure both teams are working from the same information. We document the list, gather inspirational photos, listings, or other information you may have acquired over the year.

Sometimes, this brief turns into a build sheet for a custom build, but most times this simply gives our team the information they need to conduct their search.

Step Two – The Deposit + Budget

We offer several different pricing approaches for finding your special vehicle – a flat fee service, an hourly basis (plus expenses), or a pre-negotiated budget. The method and structure depends on the complexity of the request.  For either service, we request a $1,000 deposit (non-refundable) to begin the process. We also ask for exclusivity at this point in the engagement to ensure we are not negotiating against each other – or other searchers.

Step Three – Searching + Inspection

We conduct an extensive search and present you with options, at which time we also do an extensive visual and mechanical inspection – highlighting any known issues.  We document all options with photos and videos, including our pre-purchase inspection checklist.

Once we narrow down the search to a few candidates, we ask for a percentage of the agreed upon budget to be released so we’re able to make immediate purchase decisions when we find the right vehicle.

Step Four: Negotiating + Buying

Once we’ve established the exact vehicle you’re interested in, we negotiate with the buyer and arrange all paperwork necessary for purchase and/or export (location dependent).  All paperwork is written up in your name, unless otherwise specified.

Step Five: Paperwork + Importing + Title and Taxes

Once the purchase has been made, we will either ship the vehicle directly to you, or have it sent to one of our workshops for a check-up, maintenance work, or possible restoration. We fill out all paperwork and arrange transport of the vehicle from the original destination, through customs, and either to our workshop in Minnesota or directly to you.

If we are acting exclusively as your importing agent, we will handle all the paperwork the same way, except we wave liability for the quality of your vehicle. We do offer the ability for EU and UK exports to provide service prior to export at our Salisbury, UK workshop.

Step Six: Mechanical Restoration + Service (optional)

We have the ability to deliver the vehicle as-is, or to have additional work done to the vehicle, per the step above.  We offer a 40% discount on our standard shop rate for customers who use our sourcing service.  We’re able to do this because at this point we know the vehicle well and we’re able to offer up any restoration services necessary.

Sample Fees
Sourcing Agent Fees – $2,500 – $3,500 (plus expenses)
Importing Service Fees – $3,000 – $4,000 (plus expenses)
Restoration Services – TBD Based on Project

Let’s Connect and Begin The Hunt

Link to photo or listing of desired Defender. It's ok if it's a competitor - we won't make it awkward. We just want to build you your dream Defender.