Defenders Within Reach

Defender ownership doesn’t always have to come with a premium price tag.  Bishop+Rook is dedicated to providing Defender within everyone’s reach.

Our Commitment To Affordable Defenders

Over the years we have grown and expanded the Bishop+Rook business.  In the early days we offered relatively simply Defenders, at affordable prices. We moved from our founder’s garage to a 3,500 square foot workshop where we hired our first team members.  As we grew, we learned, got better, and began taking on more complicated projects.  Our customers trusted us to build their dream Defenders.  With an increase in overhead costs and services offered, many of our Defenders moved out of the restoration-ready projects to custom upgrades and bespoke builds.

As we continue to expand to an even larger facility and growing family of Defender restoration team members, we decided to begin a “Defenders Within Reach” program.  While we continue to grow our refresh, restoration, and bespoke design services, we want to keep Defender ownership within the reach of any aspiring mechanic.

Our line of Pre-Restoration Defenders will continue to have the same standard for sourcing – clean, drivable, and mechanically sound vehicles for someone to build into their dream Defender.  They may have patina, small bits of corrosion, bumps, bruises, and signs of use – but they will all have potential.  They may be projects we can’t get to right away, or projects that just deserve to be driven as they are – with the complete history and story of the original vehicle.


Defender Deals Update List

The only place where you can find out about these unique projects is to sign up for the Defenders Within Reach email list. This is an exclusive marketplace for non-restored Defenders ready to be taken to the next level.  This is where our deals will be posted.

Spring Deal

(SOLD/ADOPTED) – Orange G4 Tribute – Defender 90 – $15,900

We’ve had this project sitting in the back of the shop for over a year. When we moved her to our current location she wouldn’t start after a blown turbo hose (it collapsed internally) and we couldn’t figure it out – because it wasn’t visible to the eye.  As a result she was pushed in the back and forgotten about.  When we finally sorted the issue, we had moved on to several other projects and this one kept being pushed back.  She deserves a fun home.


Cool Raptor Orange Color
Roof Rack
Updated Off-road Seats
New Rear Exhaust Sections
Offroad Lights
Side Steps
Brush Guard
Roof Rack
Good Price


Not a perfect paint job
Minor door rust on passenger side
No headliner
Older 2.5 Turbo Diesel

What’s Next

Before she goes to her new home, we plan on doing some general maintenance to help the new owners out.  A few of the door hinges need adjusting, a few bolts have been poorly put in place, the seat belt brackets will be re-attached. Essentially, it came to us as a project someone else barely put back together.  We’ve put quite a bit of effort into making her tidy so far, but will need a little love to bring her to her full potential. It would make a great off-road truck as it is, but could serve as a base for someone who wanted to get an affordable Defender project they could drive while they slowly refreshed it.  As an older 2.5L Turbo Diesel, she does have the typical light smoke upon start-up, but does clear and pulls really strong.

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