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We are here to help you navigate the complex and confusing process of sourcing, importing, and building a custom Land Rover Defender.

How It Works

The Process of Adopting a Defender

Ways To Get a Defender

There are three basic ways to obtain a Land Rover Defender:  Source/Import a Defender, Buy/Adopt an Existing Defender, or Build a Custom Defender.  Fortunately, we offer services in all three categories.

Sourcing + Importing

We offer consulting services to help our customers search and import non-restored entry-level Defenders.  We can consult through the process of sourcing all the way to handling the import, customs clearance, and transportation of your Defender.

Preservation Defenders

We often have a variety of Land Rover Defenders that fall into a middle-tier of both budget, as well as restoration level. We often take a preservation approach on donor candidates that are too nice to pull apart for restoration, but not nice enough to offer as-is. We complete an extensive mechanical and cosmetic check on each one and offer them for sale here.

Custom Built Defenders

When you’re looking for something truly unique and something completely restored, we can build it for you.  We handle the entire build process from sourcing a donor candidate to final delivery. Your focus is on design and making the decisions on accessories and finishing touches.

We are Bishop+Rook

The Land Rover Defender Company

We specialize in sourcing, importing, and building vintage Land Rovers and Heritage Land Rover Defenders. Our goal is to ensure each vehicle we source or build has its own unique character; whether it’s an unrestored classic with original patina or a complete nut-and-bolt restoration.

We believe that every owner should have their own vision for the perfect Defender, which is why we never shy away from taking on even the most ambitious creative projects.

With years of experience in the industry, Bishop+Rook has become one of best in the world at creating truly unique classic Land Rover Defenders.

Welcome to the Defender Lifestyle.

We’ve never really liked the idea of “Buying a Defender,” which is why we refer to it as an adoption process.

Becoming a caretaker of one of these unique vehicles means accepting responsibility for their maintenance, use, and general well-being. We feel there is a general duty to preserve the history and story of each vehicle we build.

When you adopt a Defender from Bishop+Rook, you become part of a larger community of aficionados and adventurers who understand the process is less of a purchase decision and more of a lifestyle choice.

We are eager to share the knowledge and experience we have gathered over the years from buying and restoring hundreds of Land Rover Defenders.

Nearly every discovery process starts in the beginning, with folks becoming familiar with the basics of what it’s like to own and care for a vintage Land Rover.  From there, you will go through the various options available – from ways to buy/source or build a Defender to differences between each make and model available.

Our aim is to provide as much unbiased, vetted, and truthful information as possible.  If you don’t find the answers to what you’re looking for here, feel free to reach out via the online chat function, the email contact form, or simply give us a ring.

Resources + Education

The Bishop+Rook Defender Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of browsing countless forums, perusing dubious YouTube tutorials, and losing sleep over the enigmatic world of vintage Land Rovers? Well, fear not, fellow adventurers! Our trusty journal, aptly referred to (at least internally) as “The Definitive Land Rover Defender Hunting Guide,” attempts to bring some sanity to this chaotic realm of these classic off-road vehicles.

Resources + Education

The Bishop+Rook Journal

We’ve always believed in helping folks through the process of building or adopting their ideal Land Rover Defender. This is the place where we post about projects, give helpful advice, leave random posts unfinished, etc. It’s like a blog, but not really.

Ways to Acquire a Defender

Importing, Buying, or Building a Defender

If you’re ready to adopt a Defender, you have several choices:  import a Defender directly, buy something currently on the market, or build something from the ground up.  We offer a variety of services for those who are looking for something unique.  While our specialty is building custom Land Rover Defenders, we also offer:

Importing + Sourcing Services
Preservation Series Defenders
Custom Built Heritage Defenders

Get Inspired

Finding Inspiration

If you’ve made it this far you have an idea of what your dream Defender will look like.  It might be from something you saw on the side of the road years ago, or it could be from a photo you saw online.  No matter where your source of inspiration comes from, how you finish and accessorize your Defender is what makes it truly unique.

We’re not jealous people, if you find inspiration from other companies or other builders, we’re not offended if you share those photos as part of your overall look.

Bishop+Rook Defender TV

Entertainment + Education

Reading about Land Rover Defenders is helpful for getting the basic foundation of information, but seeing the behind the scenes work on film can provide so much more fidelity to the process.  Bishop+Rook’s Defender TV is where we highlight not only finished projects, but also the behind-the-scenes work that goes into each build – as well as a variety technical and mechanical topics new caretakers will face during ownership.

Watch Defender TV

Budget + Finances

Setting Your Defender Budget

With prices ranging from $25,000 to $250,000 it’s hard to understand the huge difference between the two.  Many people make the mistake of buying a Defender based on budget alone.  A cheap Defender could very much end up an expensive Defender.  Likewise, and expensive Defender could simply mean the price was artificially too high.  We believe in radically fair and transparent pricing for our Defenders. So much so that we list all of our pricing online.

Budget Guide  Pricing a Defender

A Defender can be financed.  Depending on the type of Defender and the approach, there are different options.  View our Guide to Defender Financing for more details.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to acquiring and owning a vintage Land Rover Defender. Who you trust to source, build, or refresh your Defender matters.

Gathering as much knowledge and information as possible will ensure the process of acquiring a Land Rover Defender will be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.  Our goal is to become your guide through this process.

Bishop+Rook Heritage Defenders