Limited Edition Land Rover Defender
Crafting and Original Defender

A Truly Bespoke Custom Defender

We transcend the trendy options of overbuilt Defenders often seen, popularized, and copied by production-minded builders. The true heritage of Bespoke means having the option of selecting each and every luxurious finishing touch of your build – without attempting to create a modern luxury vehicle.

Each project manifests itself as an extraordinary collaboration between patron and builder, resulting in a truly wonderful final creation.

Whatever you imagine you ideal Land Rover Defender to be, our team of craftspeople and designers will help bring your unique vision to life.

Built For Adventure

Continue The Dream

Everyone dreams of caring for a vintage Land Rover Defender. But which one? What features? How will I know? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

With facilities in Minnesota, United Kingdom, and Spain, we have the ability to source, refresh, restore, and build just about anything you can imagine. Due to our unique approach to the Land Rover Defender Restoration Process we are able to offer world-glass quality without the astronomical prices that sometime come with a bespoke Defender build request.

Let us walk you through the process.

We’re always eager to meet and talk through the possible options, potential investment, configurations, our philosophy, incoming inventory, and anything else Defender.

While some of our clients have the resources and mechanical ability to build and restore their ideal Defender on their own, we realize time is a precious commodity. We offer a complete refresh and restoration option for those who want us to help them source and build their ideal Defender. We offer everything from minor upgrades and enhancements to complete nut-and-bolt rebuilds.

Send us a link to your ultimate Defender and we will give you an estimate on what it would take to build it. We won’t be offended if you send us a link to another builder/importer – our goal is to simply provide extraordinary vehicles that can be loved and enjoyed for years to come.


Continue Your Journey

We’re an extremely low-pressure organization, as we do this work for the love of the experience and the joy of giving life back to vintage Land Rovers. Quench your curiosity by taking the next step in the process.

Send Us Your Inspiration

Link to photo or listing of desired Defender. It's ok if it's a competitor - we won't make it awkward. We just want to build you your dream Defender.

Build yours now.

Call us up and let us know what you’re thinking. We’ve started to custom source and build a lot of custom Defenders. This may be the best option if you know what you want.


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