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The Ultimate Gifts for the Land Rover Defender Fan

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special person in you family that can’t get enough of the Defender Lifestyle – we’ve made a few things to make your gift-giving season a little easier.  Only available via Bishop+Rook.

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Defenderest: The Ultimate Land Rover Defender Inspiration Website

Looking for Land Rover Defender inspiration for your next project or potential build? We just launched a new website that allows you to keep all your visual inspiration in one place.  Defenderest: It’s like Pinterest, but just for Defenders.

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Built Not Bought: Getting The Ultimate Land Rover Defender

We don’t sell used Defenders. We build Defenders.  Explaining the difference between building a custom Defender and buying one that’s already complete is a struggle for us sometimes.

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Let Us Guide You Through The Process

You have a lot of choices when it comes to acquiring and owning a vintage Land Rover Defender. Who you trust to source, build, or refresh your Defender matters. We, of course, hope you chose Bishop+Rook.

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Don’t settle for a Defender that lacks a personality and history.

Who We Are

The Bishop+Rook Team

We are group of Defender enthusiasts that have dedicated our careers to preserving and building vintage Land Rover Defenders.  We have three fully operational workshops located in Minneapolis/Renville, Minnesota and Salisbury, England where we source, refresh, restore, and build some of the most timeless vehicles on the planet.

What We Believe

A Defender for Everyone

We believe in providing high-quality, reasonably-priced, Land Rover Defenders that can go anywhere and do everything. Whether you’re looking for a unique low-mileage Defender survivor or a complete nut-and-bolt bespoke restoration, we want to be the team that provides you with your dream vehicle.

Why It Matters

Sharing Our Experience

We believe not only in transparency in pricing, but also the restoration and build process. We provide a unique” behind the scenes” look into the methods, time, and process it takes to build a truly remarkable Defender – showing both the good and the bad. We’re also eager to share helpful advice and tips for those just beginning the research process.

The Bishop+Rook Offering

Bishop+Rook started out of a passion for giving new life to vintage Land Rovers. Today, we build unique and custom Defenders for those who appreciate having a relationship with their vehicle and want to invest in the accompanying lifestyle.

Timeless Defender Builds

The core of our business is designing and building custom Land Rover Defenders. We source donor vehicles from around the world – United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, and other far reaches along the dusty trails of the wild.  These vehicles become the base for everything from a sympathetic driving preservation to complete nut-and-bolt restoration.

Sourcing + Importing

Not all of our projects are complete builds. When we find a unique Defender that has a good story, character, and patina, we set them aside for someone to welcome into their life of adventure. Not all Defenders require full restoration – sometimes the best thing to do is leave them as they are – giving them some mechanical maintenance and love to ensure another life of adventure ahead.

Service + Maintenance

When you adopt a Bishop+Rook Defender you become part of a family of aficionados who aim to keep these classic vehicles on the road as long as possible. We will always be around – locally or remotely – to service and maintain your Defender – no matter where your adventure may take you in the world.

The Starting Points

Everyone begins their journey at the dreaming stage. Moving on from there generally means gathering more information and gaining confidence in your choices.

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Reach out and begin a casual, or serious, conversation about a Defender build.

Begin Your Adventure

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