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    Most of our Defenders fall into our Heritage or Bespoke build category.  However, we often come across  Defenders that meet our strict criteria to become a Preservation Class Defender.

Saving The Classics

We firmly believe in building Land Rover Defenders that are true to the heritage of the brand. When we source vehicles to go through our extensive restoration process we often come across original survivors that are in otherwise great condition, but might simply require a bit of love to bring them to a reliable status.  We call this our Preservation Series of Defenders.  We take them through an extensive mechanical refresh process before offering them up to the public.  The Defenders on this page represent current inventory of donor vehicles we believe should be saved.

A Note on Inventory

Most of the Defenders we offer to the market are either Heritage or Bespoke restoration projects built specifically for a customer. We manage the entire process from sourcing to final import and delivery.  If you’re looking for something unique and custom, please feel free to reach out to us to start a conversation. The Defenders listed on this page come in the form of Driving Restorations or our Preservation Series of Defenders.  They could all become donors for a restoration project but are also fully capable of being driven in their current condition.

Custom Build Process

We also have a complete Listings page, which will likely include additional Defenders available for restoration and/or adoption.

Complete Listings Page


Artemesia, Female Spanish name meaning “perfect” comes to us from the Girona area of Spain, having been registered in Madrid in 1994. She’s a lovely example that has been cared for her entire life and we’ve just given her an extensive service and are planning on bringing her back to the US from our storage facility in Spain.

1994 Land Rover Defender 90
300Tdi Manual – Left Hand Drive (LHD)
Preservation Class Defender


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This Land Rover 110 LS2 Automatic LHD comes to us from one of our Minnesota customers who is now ready to move on to another project. He’s entrusted us to find the next family to enjoy his beloved Rhona. We are currently gathering all the historical records and build sheets from this amazing build.

1988 Land Rover 110
LS2 Automatic – Left Hand Drive (LHD)


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This is a very rare and unique Left-Hand Drive Land Rover Defender 130 pre-restoration project available at our Salisbury, England workshop.  We are currently in the assessment and preparation phase of this project for those looking to preserve or restore a 130.  The final price will be dependent upon the restoration approach and level (see listing for details).

1996 Land Rover 130
300Tdi – Left Hand Drive (LHD)


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Project Toto is a unique opportunity to become the second owner of this amazing Land Rover 110.  Originally buit in  England, Toto spent the first five years of her life exploring Nigeria and the surrounding areas of West Africa with her caretakers before they overlanded her back home to the UK.

1987 Land Rover 110
2.5L Petrol – Left Hand Drive (LHD)

$75,000.00 – Coming Soon

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This Land Rover Defender 110 300Tdi is on her way from our storage facility in Spain.  We acquired her during the pandemic and kept her in the warehouse awaiting restoration.  As we started to dig a little deeper we realized this would be an exceptional Preservation Series Defender.

1996 Land Rover Defender 110
300Tdi – Left Hand Drive (LHD)

$65,000.00 – Coming Soon

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Skye III – Merlot Skye

This Land Rover Defender 110 300Tdi recently completed a Preservation Class restoration in our Salisbury, England workshop.  After acquiring this Defender from a retiring hot air balloon pilot, we enjoyed her driving around the area a bit before realizing how much better the vehicle could be if we repainted her in the beautiful Merlot Red color.

1995 Land Rover Defender 110
300Tdi – Right Hand Drive (RHD)

$60,000.00 – Reserved

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This Land Rover Defender 110 300Tdi has become a favorite around the workshop. Estrella was originally slated to be stripped for a complete rebuild, but after completing some of our initial mechanical refurbishment on her, we start to appreciate her unique character and charm.

1996 Land Rover Defender 110
300Tdi – Left Hand Drive (LHD)


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A smooth running Defender with just enough character and patina to make it interesting, but not enough to distract from the timeless design.

1992 Land Rover Defender 110
200Tdi – Left Hand Drive (LHD)


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We recently started going through a mechanical refresh on the engine, brakes, cooling system, etc. to make sure she’s ready for plenty of adventures.  She’s an incredibly solid Defender, albeit with a bit of patina that we quite like.

1994 Land Rover Defender 110
200Tdi – Left Hand Drive (RHD)


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This Land Rover Defender 110 recently underwent a complete mechanical restoration – including engine refresh, gearbox refurbishment, chassis preservation, and overall major service.  She’s not perfect, but a great entry-level Defender.

1994 Land Rover Defender 110
300Tdi – Right Hand Drive (RHD)

$45,000.00 – Reserved

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This Land Rover 110  V8 would be an exceptional opportunity for someone to get a vintage Land Rover at a very reasonable price.  Grayson is the first year of the new “Defender” body style but still featured the smooth running and powerful Rover V8.  We are currently refreshing the engine and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

1985 Land Rover 110
3.5L V8 – Right Hand Drive (RHD)


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