We’re always looking at more efficient ways to save photos we like for inspiration on builds – either for stuff we’re working on internally, or for customers who are putting the finishing touches on their build sheet.  Until now, we managed with a clunky internal system, google docs, dropbox, a few shared links, and a half-effort of trying to figure out Pinterest.  Until today.

We finally decided it was time we build something that would help organize not only the thousands of photos we take ourselves, but the stuff we find around the internet.  We spent month and months working on this concept – ok, it was an impulse build late the other night.  The goal of the website is to serve as the single source for all the possible Defender inspiration images and videos you can find – neatly organized in one pace.

Introducing: The Defenderest Inspiration Board


The concept is really simple:  it’s like Pinterest, but just for Defenders.  Defenderest.  We stripped out all the nonsense from other inspiration boards and made it really simple.  We created various categories for items such as interior, exterior, paint, accessories, roof racks, and more.  This will allow for easy sorting and visualizing to make sure you have all the options in one place.  We will ideally link back to the vendors of each product if there is a link.  We also give folks the ability to upload their own photos or shots they’ve gathered along the way and save them in custom boards – with whatever labeling they feel like.

Getting Started With Your Land Rover Defender Inspiration Board

You can use the website to browse through for ideas, but the real benefit comes when you create and account and start to save all those images bookmarks, videos, and clips you’ve found across the internet over the past few years of dreaming about your new Defender (or the one you’re currently enjoying).

You can sign-up and login with a regular email, Facebook, or Google.  We tried to make it pretty simple.  From there you can save images that are already posted, create inspiration boards, upload new content, or just organize your items in one pace.  You can also comment and ask questions on each post, giving it a bit of interactivity.

We Welcome Feedback

Our core business is building Custom Land Rover Defenders, not software and web development, although we do have some history and experience.  We welcome feedback, comments, and questions from anyone using the site.  We will dedicate some time to building features and improvements as time and resources allow.

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