Limited 2024 Build Slots Available

We believe in creating one-of-a-kind Land Rover Defenders – built by hand.
We are offering a limited number of build slots in 2024.

Bishop+Rook – Special Editions

Our philosophy of crafting limited edition, bespoke Defenders is a celebration of individuality, heritage, and the art of automotive excellence. Our clients are not just acquiring a vehicle; they are obtaining a unique piece of history, tailored specifically to their tastes and desires.

With our commitment to preserving the rich legacy of these timeless machines, Bishop+Rook is offering a limited number of build slots each year for handcrafted, one-of-one Defenders.

By limiting production, we are able to dedicate more attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of these vintage Defenders is restored and enhanced with the utmost care and precision.  This exclusivity enhances the value of each Defender and deepens the personal connection between the vehicle and its discerning owner.

The Build Process

Each Bishop+Rook Special Edition starts with an intake process where we meet with potential new owners to discuss build options available. This includes the foundational elements such as model, drive side, engine package, color, interior, and accessories.

Once we agree on an overall build level and features, we write up a build sheet and contract that highlights each build decision requested by the client.  We pull together a mood board for inspiration that helps guide the overall aesthetic vision for the project.

Once the build sheet is complete, we reserve the build slot and begin the process of identifying and sourcing the base donor vehicle that will be the foundation for the project.

Reserving a Build Slot

For 2024, we have decided to offer only 10 Special Edition Land Rover Defender builds. These are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The build will be completed in the order in which the slots are reserved.

The deposit amount will be based on a percentage of the overall estimated build cost.  The funds will be deposited in an escrow account, which will protect your investment, while allowing us to draw down the necessary resources as we move through the build process.

As we reach critical milestones of the project (donor selection, chassis strip, mechanical, paint/body, assembly, etc.) we will request additional funds, as necessary.

Resources + Education

The Bishop+Rook Defender Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of browsing countless forums, perusing dubious YouTube tutorials, and losing sleep over the enigmatic world of vintage Land Rovers? Well, fear not, fellow adventurers! Our trusty journal, aptly referred to (at least internally) as “The Definitive Land Rover Defender Hunting Guide,” attempts to bring some sanity to this chaotic realm of these classic off-road vehicles.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to acquiring and owning a vintage Land Rover Defender. Who you trust to source, build, or refresh your Defender matters.

Gathering as much knowledge and information as possible will ensure the process of acquiring a Land Rover Defender will be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.  Our goal is to become your guide through this process.

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