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Bishop+Rook Certified Defenders

During our travels, we often come across a variety of Defenders that live in a unique category: they’re too nice and interesting to disassemble and restore but not nice enough to be driven as is.  They might need a little mechanical work, chassis welding, or just good service to take it to that next level.  Often, we find these Defenders to be the most interesting to drive and enjoy.  With so many people selling Defenders online that have been dressed up for pictures, we decided to do the opposite:  make them mechanically solid and reliable.

In this same category, we will sometimes offer up one of our in-house projects as a Certified Bishop+Rook Defender.  These are the projects that we’ve taken on as a team internally, without any particular customer in mind.  It’s our creative playground to try new things, or simply refresh a Defender the team members have become fond of.

Bishop+Rook Certification Check-List

The Land Rover Defenders that go through the Bishop+Rook Certification Process are meticulously inspected to ensure not only US-Import eligibility, but also that they are structurally sound. Cosmetically, they span the spectrum, including: “fresh from the farm” to “lightly restored.”  All of them will be a joy to drive.

The purpose of this category offering is to ensure Defender ownership can remain within reach for most people.  While everyone would love a fully restored bespoke build, taking thousands of hours to restore, not everyone has the time or means to take on such a project.  Our Bishop+Rook Certified Defenders help to fill that gap – providing mechanically solid vehicles to the market, without the stress and anxiety typically associated with sourcing and importing a Defender in this category.

Inspection + Repair Components

Our inspection process goes through an extensive checklist to ensure all major mechanical and structural components of the Defender are in good condition. Items requiring service are replaced, repaired, or refreshed as necessary.

Front Axle – Bearings, Seals, Fittings, Bushings, Fluid Levels
Rear Axle – Bearings, Seals, Fittings, Bushings, Fluid Levels
Front Brakes – Rotors, Calipers, Pads, Lines, Fluids, etc.
Rear Brakes – Rotors, Calipers, Pads, Lines, Fluids, etc.
Front Prop Shaft – U-Joints, Balance Checked, Seals Checked
Rear Prop Shaft – U-Joints, Balance Checked, Seals Checked
Radius Arm Bushings – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Panhard Rod – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Steering Bar – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Steering Box – Checked, Replaced, Repaired

Heating System – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Cooling System – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Clutch Master – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Clutch Slave – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Clutch – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Timing Belt – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Water Pump – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Alternator – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Starter – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Glow Plugs – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Injector Pump – Checked, Replaced, Repaired, Tuned
Injectors – Checked, Cleaned, Replaced, Repaired
Fuel Filter – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Oil Filter – Checked, Changed
Radiator Hoses – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Cooling Fan – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Power Steering Fluid – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Air Filter – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Belts – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Wheels – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Tyres – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Chassis – Inspected, Repaired, Sealed
Fuel System – Checked, Replaced, Repaired
Electrical System – Checked, Replaced, Repaired

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