This project is currently located at our Minneapolis workshop where we take her out for fun-runs, lunch, and random adventures.

1993 Land Rover Defender – 200Tdi – RHD

NOTE (September 28, 2022): It’s going to be winter here in Minnesota soon and we’re running out of storage in our parking lot where Mombasa is.  We’ve reduced the price dramatically to allow this one to go to a new home, as we’re not likely to get to the restoration we had planned until next year.  This is a super fun Defender that could be a great “drive as it is” or “restore over time” project.  It’s not perfect, but it drives wonderfully and has been properly serviced by the team here.

NOTE (November 24, 2022): We finally found a new caretaker for Mombasa.  We were pretty particular about who we would let this Defender go home with, as it was such a unique and storied vehicle.  Her new home will be in nearby western Wisconsin, where she will roam a 200+ acre piece of property with her new owners.

The Story of Mombasa

We found this Land Rover Defender 110 County Wagon a long time ago and were fascinated by the unique shooting hatch, which was used in Africa, leading people on nature safaris.  We parked it in the back of the yard, trying to think about what to do with her.  After a while, we had it shipped from our Salisbury, England workshop to our Minneapolis location, where we fell in love with the unique story and character of this Defender.

We recently started going through a mechanical refresh on the engine, brakes, cooling system, etc., to make sure she’s ready for plenty of adventures.  She’s an incredibly solid Defender, albeit with a bit of patina that we quite like.

The Vehicle Features

Make & Model: Land Rover Defender 110
Condition: Used
Year: 1993
Engine: 200Tdi
Driving Side: RHD
Mileage: NA
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Fuel type: Diesel
Paint: Blue
Vehicle Title: UK Keeper’s Document (Soon to be Minnesota Title
MOT Status:
Location: Salisbury, UK

Pricing + Upgrades Options:

As most Defenders start as a donor/base, we are offering up the Blue Safari truck in the same capacity.  While the condition might be perfect for someone to adopt the truck as-is, we realize others might want a few upgrades/enhancements.  Here is the general pricing for such upgrades.  These are general estimates to use as a guideline.  Specific build sheet might price out differently.  These are general estimates.  There are efficiencies with doing some things together.

$29,500 – As-Is – Ready To Go
$32,500 – Imported and Titled In Minnesota
$37,500 – Imported and Titled In Minnesota + Wheels/Tyres + Mechanical Service

Temporary price reduction to the price listed above due to us being out of storage space and wanting to find a new home for this amazing project.

(The price will continue to increase as we do additional work)

Optional Extras:
$5,000 – Complete Motor Refresh/Rebuild
$2,000 –  Gearbox and Transfer Case Rebuild
$1,500 – Wheel/Tyre Package (Wolf Wheels)
$3,000 – Wheel and Tyre Package (Sawtooth Wheels or Similar)
$5,500 – New Carpets, Sound Deadening, and Seats re-trimmed in diamond stitch leather (color of your choice)
$3,500 – Complete Front/Rear Axle Rebuild (Rotors, Calipers, Bearings, Swivel Seals, Pads, Axle Shafts, Painted/Sealed, Etc.)
$7,500 – Exterior strip and external respray (same or similar color)
$15,000 – Panel off paint, New Doors, Body Panel Replace/Refurbishment – Color of your choice (interior/exterior) + Above
$700 – Chassis Clean and Seal
$1,850 – Chassis Strip and Seal


We tend to be overly critical about the “project trucks” we put on the market because we never want anyone to feel like they got in over their heads.  This Defender is mechanically well sorted, but does show some signs of adventure around the body.

We will make a complete list here shorty of some issues that might need addressing.  Given it’s history in Africa, the chassis is in very good condition and the motor runs really strong.  We bought it over 100 miles away and drove it straight back without any issues.  We’ve only used it on the farm since, but with a bit of maintenance work, she would be good for daily adventures.


Pricing notes:

The above price would include shipping to the east coast of the United States and clearance through customs.  We can help you arrange shipping from there, but it would be at your own expense.  You will also need to register the vehicle in your home state as a UK import – which we can guide you on that process.  We could bring the truck to the Minnesota shop and handle this paperwork for you, but there will be incremental costs associated with it.

Let us know what you're interested in so we can gather the right information for you.
Where would you be comfortable with your budget range?
What type of body style are you looking for?
When I would like to adopt.
If you would like us to give you a call.
Let us know how you would like to reach out to you.


Price $37,750 Adopted/Sold
Miles n/a
Color Blue
Registration TBD