Project Deep Eddy

1991 Land Rover Defender 90 - 200Tdi - Soft-Top

Transforming an Icon

Deep Eddy is an excellent example of the dramatic transformation a project can go through during our Heritage Restoration Process.  This Defender started off as a factory red Defender 90 County Wagon named Daisy that was owned by a lovely young woman who used it to haul her and her horse around the Cotswolds.

As a work horse (no pun intended) vehicle, she had lived a life of adventure before we acquired her. While we would have loved to restore her back to her original factory condition, we soon realized that she need a bit more of a dramatic transformation for her new life in The States.

We stripped the vehicle down to the chassis and completed an extensive restoration and rebuild process – converting it to a soft-top beach cruiser in the process.


1991 Land Rover Defender 90
Soft-Top Beach Cruiser
200Tdi 2.5L Diesel
Keswick Green
Custom Mohair Soft-Top
Zero Offset Paint Matched Wolf Wheels

If you’re interested in a build similar to this one, please feel free to reach out and connect with us. We can walk you through the process, options, timelines, and budgets to achieve your dream Defender.


Model Defender
Class 90
Body Type Pick-up, soft top or hard top
Model Year 1991
Steering RHD
Engine 200Tdi, 2.5, 4 Cylinder (Gemini), Diesel, 11L
Gearbox 5 Speed, LT77/LT77S/LT85, Manual
Factory Solihull, UK
Sequential number 468690

Quality Control Testing

For our final road-test, we took Deep Eddy and an Official Camel Trophy Defender on a 750 mile road trip through Wales, to shake out all the little details.  We had an amazing time and had zero mechanical issues along the way.  We did have a few tweaks, of course, which is all part of the process.

What better way to test a Defender than to take it back to the land that originally gave birth to it’s namesake?

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The Restoration Process

The typical Heritage Land Rover Defender restoration and refurbishment process typically takes about 12 months – depending on some of details of a build.  We start by stripping the body down to the chassis and sending it out for media blasting.

During the disassembly process we evaluate every aspects of the project, from determining which parts we can keep, which parts need to be refurbished, and which parts need to be replaced with new.  This approach allows us to keep as much of the original Defender that’s practical and responsible, while making sure we’re maintaining a high standard of restoration throughout the process.

The chassis is restored to factory condition, the motor is completely rebuild, all wiring is refurbished or replaced, and each body panel is painted individually to ensure the color change is complete.

During the assembly process, all parts are fitted with correct fasteners, gaskets, seals, and fittings to ensure the vehicle is of the highest standard possible.  We refuse to take shortcuts or skip steps during the process – it goes against or build philosophy.

Inspired to Build

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