Heritage Restoration

Project Baku Landy

Preservation Series D110 - 300Tdi 5-Speed- LHD


We acquired this Defender from the original owner, who purchased the Defender through Conrico Land Rover in 1997.  The Defender was then shipped to Baku, Azerbaijan, where it was used the explore the region during the time while her husband was working in the oil industry.  We had a lovely conversation with her owners where they shared many stories about their Landy adventures – including an overland trip back to the UK in 1999 after their service in the region ended.

Strip Down

Even a partial disassembly of a vintage Land Rover Defender in preparation for preservation is a meticulous undertaking that involves careful assessment of each part. Beginning with the exterior, the body panels, including the front fenders, doors, hood, are methodically removed, ensuring they are cataloged for future reference.


There are a variety of mechanical components of a Land Rover Defender restoration.  The most essential elements are the engine, gearbox, transfer case, and axles.  These are all stripped down and taken to our machining workshop to assess what needs to be done for the next stage of the refurbishment.  The engine and gearbox are typically completely rebuilt, with the axles and transfer cases requiring extensive service.


This particular Defender was very solid, structurally. We did, however, decide to repair a few bits of the sill rail and replace the entire bulkhead, which had started to go back due to some perished seals leaking water down inside the footwells.  With the new bulkhead in place, we can now continue to assembly.


After completing the bulkhead repairs, we continued on with the internal sound-deadening package and touch-up of the chassis.  We repaired the lower sills to ensure the longevity of the vehicle, as well.

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