Heritage Restoration

Project Hawaii

Heritage Series D110 - 300Tdi HighCap- LHD


We acquired this Defender from a friend of ours who lived in Portugal. He had completed a mild restoration over the years he owned it, and it was a perfect driving Defender.  Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and limited shipping options, the vehicle ended up stuck in Portugal for over a year before we got our hands on it.

Strip Down

Disassembly of a vintage Land Rover Defender in preparation for preservation is a meticulous undertaking that involves careful assessment of each part. Beginning with the exterior, the body panels, including the front fenders, doors, hood, are methodically removed, ensuring they are cataloged for future reference.  But for the most part, it’s two solid days of taking stuff apart.


There are a variety of mechanical components of a Land Rover Defender restoration.  The most essential elements are the engine, gearbox, transfer case, and axles.  These are all stripped down and taken to our machining workshop to assess what needs to be done for the next stage of the refurbishment.  The engine and gearbox are typically completely rebuilt, with the axles and transfer cases requiring extensive service.


The chassis is the most important part of any Land Rover Defender restoration.  It provides the backbone for the build and is the one thing that, if not restored or treated properly, can lead to painful and costly repairs later on.  We perform a complete chassis rebuild, including stripping it back, sealing it, and then giving it a heavy-duty high-build chassis paint to protect it for the next decades of adventure.

Model Defender
Class 110
Body Type High capacity pick-up (HCPU)
Model Year 1996
Steering LHD
Engine 300Tdi, 2.5, 4 Cylinder, Diesel, without EGR/Cat, 16L
Gearbox 5 Speed, R380, Manual
Factory Solihull, UK
Sequential number 972091
Paint code Currently unknown.

The Last Drive

We will admit that when we get attached to a donor vehicle, we tend to keep them running and driving as long as possible.  It might be a little sentimental of us, but it also serves a purpose:  we can actually move the projects around easier.  And by moving around, we generally mean taking a little cruise around the town before we do the final strip down.

Bishop+Rook Heritage Defenders