Heritage Style

The Original Defender

The One That Started Our Journey

The Base Restoration

After years of thinking about buying a Defender, I finally pulled the trigger one late evening – probably while distracted by several other things.  I didn’t realize what I had done at the time other than finally deciding to go forward into the Defender lifestyle.

A Timeless Classic

She was imported from England to the east coast of the US where I flew out and drove her home to Minnesota.  The drive through the mountains and across the prairies was the most amazing driving experience I had ever had.  I was hooked.

Heritage + Style

She is a factory original 3.5L Petrol V8, with lots of patina, leaks, cracks, and scuffs.  But she is wonderful and trustworthy and an absolute joy to drive.

Inspired to Build

If you’re interested in building a similar Land Rover Defender, contact us below to begin the process.

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