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Whether you’re traversing the urban jungle or looking for the last few places that cell phone service doesn’t reach, our Defenders can get you there.

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About Bishop+Rook Defenders

Vintage Land Rover Defender Importing + Restoration

Import + Sourcing Services

We are experts in sourcing Defenders from around the world.  We have a network of sourcing agents and partners in every major market where Defenders were originally sold. We’re on a constant lookout for well-storied Defenders that would make ideal candidates for import to America.

Driving Restorations

We are one of the only Defender builders in the world that provide a complete spectrum of Land Rovers available to the market. We like to consider ourselves the Matchmaker for Defenders. Whether you’re looking for a unique low-mileage Defender survivor or a complete nut-and-bolt bespoke restoration, we want to be the team that provides you with your dream vehicle.

Custom + Bespoke Defender Builds

Whether you want to commission a one-of-a-kind work of automotive art, or you have a simple desire to personalize a Heritage Defender, the Bishop+Rook Bespoke Service has you covered.  Entirely custom designed and built by our teams in England and America, dictated by your style and tastes.


With three full-service Defender Restoration Centers located around the world, we not only build custom Defenders for our clients, but we also take on restoration and service projects for those who are already owners.

Defenders For Every Budget

While most of our builds these days fall in the Heritage Restoration Builds, we are one of the only Defender builders in the world that offer everything from a driving restoration project to a nut-and-bolt LS-powered restoration.  Prices start at $35,000 for a base Defender and $75,000 for a restoration.

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Whatever you imagine you ideal Land Rover Defender to be, our team of craftspeople and designers will help bring your unique vision to life.

Maintaining the charm and character of a vintage Land Rover Defender pays respect the adventures that came before, while planning adventures yet to to be explored. Restore only what’s needed. Refresh the rest for peace of mind.

We’ve never really liked the idea of “Buying a Defender,” which is why we refer to it as an adoption process. Becoming a caretaker of one of these unique vehicles means accepting responsibility for their maintenance, use, and general well being. We feel there is a general duty to preserve the history and story of each of the vehicles we build. When you adopt a Defender from Bishop+Rook you become part of a larger community of aficionados and adventurers.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to acquiring and owning a vintage Land Rover Defender.  We, of course, hope you chose Bishop+Rook. We take the same amount of care and attention to each project we put on the market, whether you’re buying a basic un-restored project D90 or commissioning a completely bespoke build. We treat each project as if we were adopting it ourselves.

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