First Name City What types of questions would you like the guide to answer?
First Name City What types of questions would you like the guide to answer?
Mark Las Vegas General information
Justin Asheboro What to look for in purchasing a reliable defender, common issues, expected parts to replace, and overall advice on buying.
David Gig Harbor Downpayment Est. lead time-Heritage build Licensing registration in USA /WA State WISH LIST-RHD, RWD, good seats, Diesel, plan on driving this vehicle daily, not sitting in my garage, I am 73 , ski, hike weekly in Olympic Mans and Ranier, Need safe seats for grandkids. I am able to pay cash, and wait 9 months.
John Ashland general questions and information. Thanks
Brett Peoria Things to consider when buying a classic vehicle.
J Palm Harbor none now
Harlan Virginia Beach How long does the process typically take to acquire a Defender?
Conley Boise How can I get a classic Defender, that’s reliable for off-road driving, at a not-horrendous price?
Travis Buena Vista Looking for your budget builds.
just beginning the dreaming stage
Scott Elizabethtown Will I ever be able to afford my dream car?
Ben Wellesley Signing up for the guide. Thank you
Steven Marietta Just trying to learn at this stage. I don't yet have specific questions.
Charles G Lakeway. Cost for a dependable restoration? Thanks!
REMIGIO Belleville does the Defender comes in Automatic transmission?
Kevin WEST BLOOMFIELD Adoption Process and living with it day to day....
Arthur Springfield Services for assisting in importing a land rover from brazil
Ben Franklin Cost/benefit analysis between 200tdi and 300tdi versions. I understand the rear drum vs. disc brake and slightly more HP, but are there any other benefits or pit falls? A general overview of the types of repairs that an owner will be faced with on these vehicles and the degree of difficulty or skill required (i.e. what can a shade tree mechanic expect to undertake and what is more specialized)
Pete Anchorage I need to understand the different models, engine,, and transmission options. I am not h7ng up on originality, I am hung up on dependability and ease of maintenance, especially in winter. If you van l keep these running in Minnesota, they’re go8ng to be fine in Anchorage.
Michael Hoboken Pricing Importing Shipping
Keith Pomfret Center Central differences between models (engine, HP, torque, seating, etc.). I know the difference between a 90 and a 110, but that’s about it!
mark Boston Everything please I’m new to the defender game .. Thank you
Michael Rowayton I’m a passionate Defender fan and am looking for the right vehicle for my family. Ideally, like the 110 hard top front and soft top rear but am open to other options. I have a 1980 FJ43 and and a 1988 FJ62 that is our overland vehicle so I’m looking mainly for our family beach, surf and boating vehicle. I’m in no rush but as the right vehicle matters…. Thank you, Michael
Ross Annapolis Import to Baltimore
Dave Lambertville Looking for a LHD Series or Defender build that has the vintage look but has the updated safety and convenience features that would allow it to be driven on a regular - albeit sunny - basis. Lots of questions regarding power train and transmission options.
Adam Lafayette Hill How to get an entry level Defender at a reasonable price
Brian Madrid What models came with what options? What does it take to add Air Conditioning? If I have a break down how can i go about getting the right parts to get back on the road.
Richard Lakeville I am not mechanically interested but love the vintage look of an older Defender 90. I would probably look to have a new motor restoration.
Marshall Glens Falls Would like to learn how to adopt a Defender 110 from the UK without all the bells and whistles so many importers throw on them for use as a daily driver.
Kenneth Sauk Centre Restoration
William Tallahassee What aspects of the build should I put money into up front and what can be put off? How long does the process take? What is the payment schedule? Do you have vendors you'd recommend for upgrades after I take possession of the vehicle? Transporting it back up to Minnesota when I'm ready to upgrade some of the cosmetics isn't feasible.
Craig Stockton Should I expect to have serious rust problems? How reliable are they? Can I get a soft top?
Mark Oceanside Prefer a four door defender or wagon. Model, cost and availability. Thanks
Christopher Excelsior I'm just starting my exploration into purchasing a Defender, so a guide to look deeper will be amazing.
stephen Phoenix What to expect with for first time owners. The website is great and already does a lot of this. I'm mainly requesting a guide for a physical in hand reminder of what I would like to do and to keep it in mind for maybe really pulling the trigger one day. Plus inspiration from seeing lot's of cool pics! Until then i'll keep beating down old dirt roads in my AWD minivan 🙂 Thanks!
Timothy Availability and cost of various styles,fully landed,non show quality (mostly original,can move under own power)
Matthew Overview of defender models, original options, etc.
Timothy Availability and cost of various styles,fully landed,non show quality (mostly original,can move under own power)
Timothy Availability and cost of various styles, fully landed, non show quality (mostly original, can move under own power)
Scot Deerfield Reliability
Casey Anchorage Financing options for vintage vehicles can be tough.
Chon Corona General sourcing questions, restoration services and legal registration for the state of California.
Tim Lake Elmo I don't really have any questions, just more curiosity than anything. Just wanting to learn more about the defender, prices/budget (which appears you provide in the adoption packet), and performance specs. Awesome company and excited to view/read the packet! Thanks!
Nick Saint Joseph Everything it could possibly take to adopt a beautiful 'Rover of my own someday.
Michael Ambler Interested in potentially building a D90 soft top
Robert Highlands Ranch Best engine options for driving at US highway speeds and upgrade options that help with this; average cost of comfort improvements (sound deadening, a/c addition, heater improvements); average wear timelines for key engine components (turbo, belts, etc.); rust/corrosion mitigation techniques based on various budgets.
Patrick North East - Explanation of the restoration process - cost - shipping/delivery info
Michael Minneapolis How to convince my wife that a 25+ year old RHD Defender is what I should own to run errands in? Also, talking her into not being scared of it.
Robert Alexandria I have a 18-24 month time horizon where I’m interested in a 4-5 jerry can LDH D-110. I currently drive a ’69 Series IIA (two door, LWB) and would like to add a “modern” Defender to my stable. Thanks!
Andrew Lincoln What it's like to own a Defender as a daily driver, how to perform basic maintenance, how to select the right Defender.
Mark Wayzata Please send adoption guide. Thank you. Mark
Travis APO What to look for and expect when buying your first Defender.
Ron Fargo I am interested in a Defender 90 or 110 for a light restoration project that is usable but can also be the basis for a long term, ongoing upgrade project. Wanting to start with a vehicle that I can use in the winter in ND that is mechanically sound and has no major rust issues.
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Jason Zeeland How to convince your spouse that the Defender lifestyle isn't scary? 🙂 "What to expect when you're expecting?" - prepping your home for your Defender. The Jerry Can guide you've already created is fantastic - I think building that out further would be ideal in this format...maybe include running costs, general guidelines for what kind of upgrades/accessories make sense and in what order to do them (I.e., if you're already going to be taking this a part, then it makes sense to do this at the same time, etc)
Justin Ankeny Everything from beginning the process through passing it down
Carl Eden Prairie Hey! So I have been browsing your site and dreaming of a LR for a while now and thought I would take the advice you posted and shoot you a message to say hey! I've never driving a defender (or been in one for that matter), but have almost purchased several over the past few years (One original Camel Trophy vehicle, one 2003 Trek vehicle). I wanted to drop a line to start some a conversation to see if adopting a Defender is right for me. As an engineer I love to tinker with everything so I don't think maintaining a Defender would be outside of my skill sets. I have mostly been looking at 110's and 130's. The only reason I was interested in the 130's is that I was considering getting a pickup truck for hauling project materials, motorcycles/dirtbikes, dogs, etc. One question I had off the bat, is there much difference in upkeep between a 110 and a 130? I notice that you mostly have 90's and 110's but have you ever imported/found many 130's in your typical price range? Thanks!
Cliff Sudbury Please provide a copy of the guide, electronically (PDF) if possible
Peter Purchasing a defender as a daily driver
300tdivs 200tdi. Is radio typical? seating options
Philip Aiken Benefits of 300tdi vs 200tdi. Do they typically have a radio? Seating options. Comfortable highway speeds
Test asdf asdfasd
DAVID SAINT PAUL Im a pretty detailed guy, so interested in the technical aspects/ pros & cons of the various model years, engines, etc. and what to look for and consider when getting into vintage defenders
Hunter 1) Hazards of ownership (most common things to fail, break, wear out, etc) 2) Most common modifications people make 3) Pictures of different builds for inspiration
Ryan Anoka -Engine overhaul/drive train details, top tub? options, available such as panoramic windows/sliding, lift kits, ladders. Interior- sound proofing/headliner details -as you menitoned details on how the process works is welcome. -Post sale support such as upgrades down the road or mechanical/maint. Outside my capabilities/tools. -Parts ordering assistance? Can you get parts or assist if they can't be tracked down easily. -perhaps outlining common defender issues that you address/recommend during overhaul. -existing owner testimonials are always fun to read, what surprised them, what they wish they would have known earlier.
Ryan Toluca Lake Have you shipped any to Californa and have there been any registration issues?
CT St Louis Park What you say it’s going to answer.
Robert Grand Rapids Maintaining one of these treasures!
Mike Lansing Typical eta for a build, options in regards to build levels, exc.
Matt Mostly around costs and the different levels of refurbishment you suggest. Thanks!
Jeff Dickinson What is the key to a good base model? What upgrades to do first? Expected pricing
Jonathan St Petersburg Looking for the best Defender 90
Josh Ewa Beach Already in contact with Bishop + Rook just looking to share the guide with my wife to better explain why I should get a defender 110 over a Tacoma 🙂 Moving to Colorado in February/ March time frame so looking to start my acquire / build process in the fall here soon.
Fred South Glastonbury Please send a guide when it’s available. I’d like to know the process and timeline for obtaining one of your defenders.
Josh Timnath I am starting the process of looking for a Defender 90. I am looking for something that runs good, that could be a daily driver. Something that I can upgrade as I go along.
Brian Looking to get more information re: adopting a defender. Been on my list for a long time. Thanks!
Mackay Orem Rough price ranges to expect for different conditions of different models. Cost range from tidying up and getting them running well, to more intensive restoration. Price to have you guys hunt for and import a truck. Any issues getting one of these licensed in Utah? Can a typical mechanic work on these, or are there specific things about them that you have run into that makes it difficult? Are parts hard to get? With good upkeep and maintenance how long can one expect the various engines to last?
Bruce Cambridge None at this time thanks.
Bruce Cambridge Don’t really have any questions, yet. Currently driving my third Rover. Getting tired of the air suspension, the miscellaneous alarms (like check sidelight) etc. Want something I can get in and drive, but not a Dodge or Chevy. Thanks
Kevin Atascadero Ensuring and older model can pass smog test? Right hand drive vs left hand? How much corrosion is too much? Diesels vs gas? Pre buy inspection checklist?
Michael Eden Prairie Have been looking to get a Defender and want to know the ins and outs of ownership.
Erik Topsfield I would like it to discuss different kinds of sound deadening options.
Justin Beavercreek To whom should I trust the maintenance and repairs that exceed my skill level? How do I know if a Defender is suitable as a daily driver? What is the expected cost of annual ownership (not including fuel)?
Thomas San Francisco Adopting the right Defender.
Bill Minneapolis Related to maintenance
Jon Denver most common engine and electrical problems and best resources for interior restoration.
Tracie XENIA Hello, I seen your website with the manyb options and prices to purchase One of these classics off road vehicles . I’d love my husband to have one and looking into maybe purchasing one sometime . This fits him perfectly and he would love this ..
James Potomac Everything you describe sounds awesome. Would also hope to see some maintenance material.
christopher maple grove How specific can you be in requesting a vehicle. What services are available to modify the vehicle prior to delivery.
Joseph Issaquah I'd like to see sections on: important maintenance (specific to Defenders,) likely points of failure, tips on repairs, and common upgrades. Thanks! JW