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Everyone dreams of caring for a vintage Land Rover Defender. But which one? What features? How will I know? Don’t worry, we have you covered.


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Off to a life of adventure. 

#defender #defender90 #landrover #landroverdefender
A little walk around video of Project Valencia.  Land Rover Defender 90

#defender #defender90 #landroverdefender
Unloading a pair of Defenders. Always seems to be 20 degrees colder than it should be on days they arrive.  It’s always a bit of fun finding new ways to unload a container. 

#defender #defender110 #landroverdefender
Project Valencia start-up. 

#defender #landrover #landroverdefender #defender90
Project Valencia is ready to come to America. We’re having a pre-shipment special pricing for those interested in making this Land Rover Defender 90 part of their family this holiday season. 

Check out the full gallery and video on the Bishop+Rook website under listings. Link in bio. 

#defender #landroverdefender #landrover #defender90
This is The White Horse Inn near our new Kimpton workshop. Great food, a few rooms, and plenty of Defender parking.  It’s a great place for dinner and a pint if you come to visit us. 

#defender #defender90 #landroverdefender
Sometimes it’s the simple finishing touches that make all the difference on a Land Rover Defender. 

#defender #landroverdefender #defender110 #defender90 #defenderoneten

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Call us up and let us know what you’re thinking. We’ve started to custom source and build a lot of custom Defenders. This may be the best option if you know what you want.


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