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1985 Land Rover 110 (Pre-Defender) – 3.5L V8 Project

Restoration Candidate

Note:  This is a project vehicle.  It is a good option for someone looking to build up a Defender.  Here are the bad parts:

  1. The chassis is OK.  It has a few spots that might need attention.  Typical of this age. Chassis swap if you’re going for a deep restoration or just a little bit of welding if you want a driving project.
  2. The engine has no compression on one of the cylinders.  It will start, idle, and run smoothly, but it won’t accelerate.  The engine will need to be rebuilt and/or swapped. We do have a replacement 3.5L engine that we could include in a package for someone looking for a more complete option.
  3. The interior is original and mostly complete. There are a few door/lock brackets missing, but they are parts that can be found online.

About This Defender

We have had this lovely 1985 Land Rover 110 County Wagon 3.5L V8 tucked away in the corner of our Renville workshop for well over a year. It’s one of those projects that could roll out the door today with a little bit of tune-up, or could serve as a foundation for a great restoration. We simply haven’t decided which path to take, so we’re going to offer her up for adoption here, or see if anyone is interested in doing a full or partial restoration.

While most of the Defenders came from the factory with some configuration of diesel engines, a handful of V8’s were produced. They’re not race cars like you might expect, but they provide a pretty impressive horsepower boost, including a rather nice V8 rumble. As Americans, we can’t help but fall in love with these V8’s when they come on the market.

We would love to get her in the hands of someone who’s looking for a project to restore, or someone who simply wants to drive an original pre-Defender they way they should.

Overall, this Land Rover 110 is in very solid condition, with some work already completed. We’re in the process of removing the last remaining bits of an LPG conversion, updating the fuel system, and possibly converting from the SU carbs to an Edelbrock/Weber carb set-up.

We recently fitted a set of matching Wolf wheels that seem to fit this vehicle very well. The interior is tidy, but we will likely do a bit of cleaning up of some of the trim pieces to make it perfect. The seats are the lovely Neptune fabric, which has been discontinued by Land Rover, but remains one of our favorite classic looks.


Make & Model: Land Rover (Defender)
Condition: Used
Year: N/A
Engine: V8
Mileage: N/A Original Miles
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Fuel type: Petrol
Paint: N/A
Vehicle Title: Clean and Clear MN title
Location: Minneapolis, MN


We have a variety of ideas for this Defender, including rebuilding the motor and upgrading to a Webber carb set-up.  Additionally, we have been considering swapping a Galvanized chassis.  The current chassis is fine, but there are a few small cosmetic areas where rust has started to create a few spots.  Nothing structural, but if you wanted to build out this Defender, a Galvanized chassis would be a great way to go – including looking fantastic if you left it in it’s raw state.

With the engine rebuild and the chassis swap, the price will go up by a bit, but it will become a really nice Defender you could drive for the next 30 years without any questions about it’s structure and performance.


We’re currently working on refurbishing her fuel system, which will likely include rebuilding the top end of the engine, to ensure long-term reliability for the next owners.

Most of the vehicles we list on the site are adopted within days of becoming available. As a result, we encourage those interested in a Defender to drop us an email at or submit the inquiry form on this page. It’s very likely we can find something very similar to this Defender or build one to your specifications.


Bishop+Rook is a Minneapolis-based importer and restorer of classic Land Rover Defenders. We are passionate about film, photography, travel, adventures, and vintage cars. We finally found a way to combine our life’s passion into helping others find their dream car. We restore the vehicles to an adventure-tested stage – not over-restored and not over-priced. We simply want to share our love an passion for these amazing vehicles with like-minded people.

We price our vehicles fairly. Any profit we make is turned back into our creative projects or seeking out our next restoration. Any work we do is to ensure people can enjoy the vehicles right away – we make sure they are adventure ready on day one.

We typically have about a dozen or so Defenders in stock, but for those looking for something truly unique, we offer a service to find and import cars with specific requirements. Drop us a note and let us know what you would like.

We’re sure you have many questions. We try our best to answer anything and everything that comes our way, even if you decide not to do business with us. We simply love these vehicles. If you’re just starting your search, we wrote a little piece that may help you sort through the many models, conditions, and prices you may see on the marketplace. There are a lot of people importing Defenders these days, some really good guys, and a few others that might not have your best interest in mind.

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Price $22,500 Restoration Project
Miles n/a