Land Rover Defender 110 – 2.5L TD – RHD

For Sale is this Beloved Original Land Rover Defender 110 5 Door Station Wagon, or what we like to call her: an Adventure Tested Lifestyle Machine!

This is a great looking Land Rover Defender 110. It’s a RHD, which makes it super fun when you drive up next to people at stoplights. The double take never gets old.

It is a 1989 and is fitted with a 2.5L Original Turbo Diesel engine that has been properly sorted and cared for over the years. These engines are virtually indistructable with proper maintenance and care.

This is a 1989 110 Defender 5 Door Station Wagon – these are getting rare and are going up in value everywhere.  We found her on a scouting mission for a new television show we’re producing called: (  We travel around the world looking for stories about Defender owners and how much their vehicles are a part of their life.  This one has had a few adventures.  We would love it if the new owner continued telling stories and sharing them with our audience along the way.  Alas, our prouducers said we can’t keep any more of them and we must allow new adoptive parents to take this one. Her title is currently in my name (V5), but will be issued a fresh Minnesota title once she gets home, which will make it much easier for you to get her titled wherever you may want to bring her home.

She is showing very low miles at 139,000, which means she’s good for another 1,000,000 or so miles (estimated).

She has 3 seats in the front, 3 in the middle and maybe up to 6 in the back. Plenty of room to tailgate or wander off into the wilderness (with or without your kids, friends, or relatives). There are a few small tears in the front seats. We’ve put an order in for the seat kit.  The Neptune fabric is nearly impossible to find these days.  We can do this for you before she ships, or we can just put the kit in the back and let her go as she is.

This has its original 2.5L TD Turbo Diesel engine fitted – the engine runs well It also has its original spec 5 speed manual gearbox – this has hi low ratios and diff lock. You won’t get anywhere super fast off the line, but you also won’t get stuck in mud …. on a log … in a lake, or any other obstacles.

She has nearly new Green paint and looks very clean and tidy.  The only thing we would probably add would be a roof rack.  It’s like the hat for a Defender.

The chassis and rails are all really good and solid and are weather coated
The drive train is all good
The interior is all used but clean and tidy
The dash area is all correct for the age and again is tidy.  It has a cassette deck for all those old Roxette and Van Halen tapes you have laying around.
All the electric works as they should lights, horn, wipers, indicators, etc.  Granted, this changes with the weather sometimes on Defenders, but that’s part of the charm.

All the wheels and tires are in great condition totally useable.  We liked the classic rims and left them how they came from the factory.

Also has a tow hitch Good set of brakes all round.  In fact, brand new brake hoses due to my shipping guy wrapping his strap around the wheels when he loaded her up last time.


Ask any questions and we will do our best to get you a proper answer. She will never go down in value, as long as you care for her. What are you waiting for? She is listed for sale locally and we reserve the right to end the listing if someone snaps her up.

If you’ve got fairly good credit and want to finance her, we recommend SunTrust Bank (LightStream).  They make the process super easy and can do a direct wire transfer of funds to either you or us.


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