The most popular colors for Land Rover Defenders have evolved over the years and can vary by market and model year. Classic Defenders, particularly those produced before the introduction of the latest generation (from 1990 to 2016), were often found in more utilitarian and earthy tones reflecting their rugged, off-road capabilities. Popular colors included:

  1. Alpine White: A classic and enduring choice, popular for its simplicity and how it contrasts with the Defender’s rugged features.
  2. Coniston Green: A deep, dark green that’s almost synonymous with the classic Defender. It blends well with natural surroundings, making it a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. Arles Blue: A striking, bright blue that stands out. It’s a popular choice for those wanting a vibrant look.
  4. Santorini Black: A deep, glossy black that offers a more modern and premium appearance.
  5. Keswick Green: Similar to Coniston Green but with a slightly brighter, more vibrant hue. It’s another favorite for those appreciating the Defender’s outdoor pedigree.
  6. Fuji White: Replacing Alpine White in newer models, Fuji White offers a modern twist on a classic color.
  7. Indus Silver: A sleek and modern silver that’s become popular on newer models, reflecting contemporary tastes.
  8. Firenze Red: A bold and bright red, offering a pop of color that’s eye-catching and popular among those looking to stand out.

The introduction of the new Defender in 2020 expanded the color palette, introducing more modern and sophisticated options to appeal to a broader audience while still offering classic colors to appeal to traditionalists. The popularity of specific colors can also depend on factors such as the vehicle’s intended use (e.g., urban vs. off-road), geographical location, and individual taste.