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NOTE: This page is just a primer on importing Defenders to the US.  Check around the blog for a more detailed description of the importing process.


There are a few governing rules when it comes to importing vehicles. They fall into the following categories:

  1. Legal Requirements
  2. Mechanical Requirements
  3. Inventory Availability

Legal Requirements to Import a Land Rover Defender

We will address the legal requirement first.  According to the US Customs and Border Control Website:

“Before you decide to import a vehicle or vehicle parts into the United States, you should ensure that it conforms to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Both the DOT and the EPA advise that although a nonconforming car may be conditionally admitted, the modification required to bring it into compliance may be so extensive and costly for vehicles that were not originally manufactured for the U.S. market. It is highly recommended that these prohibitions and modifications be investigated before a vehicle’s purchased for parts and/or importation.”

Translation: follow the rules or they will make sure it’s a costly mistake. The fortunate part (for you) is that we’ve figured out all the rules, have all the proper paperwork in place, and have people that can help use get your dream vehicle to its new home. The short version of the story is that the vehicle must be 25 years old and have proper documentation, with matching VIN numbers, and original spec motors.

Vehicles Available for Import

In 2017, the newest Land Rover Defender available for import would be a 1992. Even more specifically, it must be 25 years old from the date of manufacture by the time it hits the US port. This can be difficult to track down, as most UK V5 titles list only the first registration date. Most VIN numbers only give you a range of when they were manufactured.

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UPDATE: Spring 2023

NOTE:  The budget numbers on this page are out of date.  We’ve had difficulty keeping track of the ever-changing market conditions.  Assume that the prices below are at 20%-30% more as of the Spring of 2023.

The overall market for vintage Land Rover Defenders imported to the US has increased considerably over the past three years. Part of this is due to supply and demand, but several other factors are also in play.  The major players are rising fuel costs, shipping costs, labor costs, and market supply.  We have updated our pricing below to reflect current market conditions and will do our best to stay on top of the trends over the summer.

Covid-19 Note:  Prices for parts and donor trucks have been all over the board.  We’re widening our price ranges to reflect that.  Additionally, we are seeing many cheap Defenders being dumped in the US that had failed MOT tests in their home country and are showing up here rusted out and with dogs of engines. Beware of anyone selling something that looks too dressed up but doesn’t have any history or documentation of mechanical work.  We can spot the photos from people who have just created something to look good for photos to sell to the US market.


We aim to provide the highest quality Defenders in the United States at the most reasonable cost. We would be surprised if you found a comparable Defender at our prices. We can do this because we keep our overhead down as much as possible.  We keep things simple with the single goal of helping good people get good cars.

We track the global Land Rover Defender market daily and weekly to ensure our pricing is fair. We have developed a tiered approach to pricing, which helps us establish baseline pricing, helping us decide which vehicles are viable options for people in the states. Our goal is to be at least 10-20% less than similar vehicles nationwide.

NOTE: These prices are for base Defenders, not custom builds.

Due to demand and availability, LHD should anticipate a 25-35% price increase over RHD (noted below).  Accessories and customization generally add to these base numbers.

One factor in pricing (if you’re looking on eBay or a similar online marketplace) is the shipping cost.  We will cover this in detail in other areas, but will list some simple pricing here:

East Coast to Minnesota Shipping – $750-$1,200

Minnesota to California/Seattle/Portland – $900 -$1,500

Anything inside 500 miles is usually $1-1.25 a mile.

We do have the ability to help negotiate rates directly with drivers if you would like.

One Jerry Can Defenders – Projects

1-Jerry Can Defenders ($14k-16k Defender 90 / $18-20k Defender 110) – RHD
1-Jerry Can Defenders ($20k-22k Defender 90 / $18-25k Defender 110) – LHD

*Please add 20-30% for D110 Crew Cab due to rarity and demand.
*Please add 30-40% for D130 Crew Cab due to rarity and demand.

These vehicles resemble Land Rover Defenders. They have four wheels, at least two doors, a motor, and likely a bit of rust (everywhere). If we’ve imported it, then it runs. At least enough to get onto the boat and a trailer. We avoid these at all costs, but if someone sells us a lemon, we will offer it for sale for exactly what we paid for it.  If this is where you want to be for your budget, you will pay thousands more to make it a reliable vehicle.

Bishop+Rook Does not Offer These Types of Defenders

Two Jerry Can Defenders – Drivers

2-Jerry Can Defenders ($25k-30k Defender 90 / $35-42k Defender 110) – RHD
2-Jerry Can Defenders ($35k-40k Defender 90 / $40-50k Defender 110) – LHD

*Please add 20-30% for D110 Crew Cab due to rarity and demand.
*Please add 30-40% for D130 Crew Cab due to rarity and demand.

These are projects. They run and drive but are probably not suitable for long trips or going anyplace where it’s important to arrive on time. Often, these vehicles are mechanically fine but may come with hidden rust issues. We do a pretty extensive inspection when we source our Defenders, but sometimes sellers can conceal some of these elements or make cosmetic repairs that make it look fine, but once we dig deeper into our restorations, they come to light. As for running and driving projects, we would only recommend someone with good mechanical skills take on one of these projects.

Bishop+Rook Does not Offer These Types of Defenders

Three Jerry Can Defenders – Daily Drivers

3-Jerry Can Defenders ($35k-40k Defender 90 / $40-50k Defender 110) – RHD
3-Jerry Can Defenders ($45k-50k Defender 90 / $55-75k Defender 110) – LHD

*Please add 20-30% for D110 Crew Cab due to rarity and demand.
*Please add 30-40% for D130 Crew Cab due to rarity and demand.

These are running and driving Defenders who have had adventurous lives. They are mechanically solid and have been properly sorted. There may still be a few dings here and there, but overall they present well. If you brought a 3-Jerry Can Defender home without telling your better half, you may get a head shake, but you wouldn’t have to sleep in the garage (even if you wanted to … at least the first night). To be honest, my daily Defender driver is a good solid 3.  And I love her. She’s a driving restoration.

This is a Tier I Bishop+Rook Truck.

One Jerry Can Defenders – Preservation Series

4-Jerry Can Defenders ($40k-55k Defender 90 / $45-65k Defender 110) – RHD
4-Jerry Can Defenders ($50k-55k Defender 90 / $65-80k Defender 110) – LHD

*Due to rarity and demand, please add 20-30% for D110 Crew Cab.
*Due to rarity and demand, please add 30-40% for D130 Crew Cab.

We aim to ensure every Defender we offer falls into the 4 to 4.5 range. This is the place where a good Defender should live. They start, stop, open, and close, and all the panels are properly attached. There may be a tiny ding or faded paint on a panel, but if we’ve left it that way, it’s because it had character. On a 4, all the seals will have been replaced, valves adjusted, injectors swapped, and electrical elements should all be properly sorted. These are the kind of vehicles you can jump into and turn the key. But they’re also the kind of Defenders you won’t be afraid to drive in the city or down a country road. They’re still 25-year-old Land Rovers, so they won’t be perfect if you wanted that; you probably would have stopped reading a few Jerry cans ago.

This is a Tier II Bishop+Rook Truck – or our Preservation Series Defender.

Five Jerry Can Defenders – Heritage Restored Defenders

5-Jerry Can Defenders ($55k-65k+ Defender 90 / $70-95k+ Defender 110) – RHD
5-Jerry Can Defenders ($65k-85k+ Defender 90 / $75-115k+ Defender 110) – LHD

*Due to rarity and demand, please add 20-30% for D110 Crew Cab.
*Due to rarity and demand, please add 30-40% for D130 Crew Cab.

Every once in a while, we come across a Defender that stands above the rest. They’re 100% sorted, nearly mechanically perfect, and ready for anything you throw at them. The fives are rare, but they do exist. It may be that we’ve added extras to her to make her special: roof rack, air-con, lift kit, fresh paint, etc.

With our ability to refresh, restore, and preserve Defenders, the 5-Jerry Can build (Our Tier III) is usually a custom order.  It’s rare for one of our builds at this level to be available for sale without it being commissioned.

This is a Tier III Bishop+Rook Truck – The Base of our Heritage Land Rover Defender Collection

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Bishop+Rook started as a film production project focused on documenting the history and culture of Land Rovers across England. It wasn’t long before we realized there was a great need and desire from people in the US to experience these wonderful vehicles. After nearly a year of hard work and research our first batch of vehicles were shipped in and we begun the process of restoration in order to make them available to the public.

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