Last night I just had one of the most amazing life experiences one could ever hope for. Meet Alex and Elizabeth, two wonderful people who reached out to me to adopt a Land Rover Defender for an upcoming film and documentary project they’re planning on doing in South America next year.

They’re going to travel around for a year documenting the lives of deaf people and people with disabilities in remote places. They will be featuring stories about how they communicate, work, celebrate, and live in these different areas of the world — sharing their stories along the way. Alex and Elizabeth also happen to be deaf. We spent the better part of an hour excitedly talking via a facetime-based translator app.

They spoke sign language and the person on the other side relayed what they said via a phone call. This technology made our conversation fun and exciting. We shared all kinds of stories, plans, and dreams without physical or language barriers. Mind-altering. Over the next 10 months we will be building out a White Defender 110 that will become their home and base of operations for over a year.

If you, or someone you know, is involved in grants, foundations, etc, that support film and outreach programs like this, I would love to make an introduction.