We’ve never felt the need to be fancy or ostentatious when it comes to our workshop spaces, but the time has finally come for a bit of a change.  We had been planning a workshop move for quite a while but had been waiting for the perfect location.

Bishop+Rook is thrilled to announce our move to a new workshop in England specially tailored for the handcrafting of vintage Land Rover Defenders. Our new workshop is nestled within the boundaries of a historic manor farm estate in Kimpton, Andover, England. Our new home boasts a serene ambiance that sparks inspiration in every corner.

We have always dreamed of a workshop location that would help inspire the timeless design and craftsmanship that goes into each Land Rover Defender build. Working in such an environment helps foster the creativity and innovation of the team, encouraging our restoration artisans to think beyond conventional boundaries and conceive designs that endure the test of time. The beauty and elegance of having a clean, purpose-designed workshop at an inspiring location also promotes attention to detail, a fundamental aspect of crafting products with lasting appeal.

Surrounded by fields and home to over 220 Polo Horses, the new estate location harks back to an era when these iconic vehicles earned their status as legends of the motoring world. It’s fitting that we would give a second life of adventure at such a wonderful location.

While some builders are moving towards creating more modern and performance-based Land Rover Defenders, we aim to continue our efforts to produce historically accurate Heritage builds. Our new location not only reflects our commitment to quality craftsmanship but also promises to infuse each Defender we build with the timeless spirit of its heritage.

We are excited to have customers and friends visit us at the new location.  We are preparing a variety of activities to do in the area, including access to an exclusive Land Rover Defender 4×4 driving course, historic driving tours, and quaint English pubs, and we’re still within a stone’s throw of Stonehenge.