With a variety of wheel and tyre size packages available, you can tailor the Defender to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for an on-road-friendly version or one that can tackle the toughest terrain, the Defender has you covered.  This guide will walk you through what we’ve learned over the years regarding wheel and tyre packages for your Land Rover Defender.

While some builders believe in putting on the largest wheel and tyre package imaginable on their Defenders, we don’t follow this approach.  Nobody needs a 37″ bead locker Maxxis Bi-Ply Trepador tyres on a Defender unless you’re taking it to the Dakkar rally. At that point, you’re just fighting the laws of physics.

A Defender’s wheel and tyre package should be designed for purpose rather than the cosmetics of posing your Defender for photos.  A large tyre and excessive lift-kit will make your Defender uncomfortable driving and cause premature wear and potential safety issues.

Selecting a Wheel and Tyre Package for your Defender

No matter which wheel and tyre size package you choose, it is important to remember that the tyres must be suited to the terrain you are driving on. All-terrain tyres are the most versatile, as they are designed to perform well on both on-road and off-road surfaces. Mud-terrain tyres are best for off-road use, as they provide the best grip and traction in muddy and rocky conditions.  However …. if you’re not prepared for your driving conditions (as the unnamed driver of Estrella did below), you could get stuck, no matter what wheel and tyre package you’re running.  Hint:  it was our founder.

The Defender is renowned for its off-road capabilities, but one of the biggest factors in its success is its versatile wheel and tyre size packages.  While mud terrain tyres might look tough and rugged, they can be a beast to drive in some conditions – not to mention loud on long road trips. This could be helpful if you’re traveling with someone you would rather not listen to ramble on nonsensically on extended drives, but it could become quite tiresome for a daily driver.

Recommended Wheel and Tyres for your Defender

There are a variety of wheel and tyre size packages available for the Land Rover Defender. These range from 16-inch rims with small profile tyres for better on-road stability, to larger 18-inch rims with bigger tyres for off-road use. Some of the more popular sizes for daily driving are 16-inch rims with 205/85/16 tyres, 17-inch rims with 225/75/17 tyres, and 18-inch rims with 245/75/18 tyres.

The 16-inch rims and tyres are great for on-road use as they are more stable and provide better handling. They are also more economical, as they require less fuel to move them. The 17-inch rims and tyres are a good balance between the two, as they provide better off-road traction while still maintaining good on-road stability. The 18-inch rims and tyres provide the best off-road performance, as they are better able to absorb the bumps and jolts of rough terrain.

The Aesthetics of Defender Wheels and Tyres

While it might be practical to run a factory wheel and tyre set-up on your Land Rover Defender, that limits your ability to transform your vehicle into the one you’ve always dreamed of.   There are a variety of after-market wheels for the Land Rover Defender that can transform the looks of the utilitarian farm truck into a modern and urban explorer.

We can help you decide which package is right for your style and driving experience.  We’ve experimented with just about every combination imaginable – and a few that we should have never imagined.  Reach out and connect with our team today to see how we can help build you the ultimate Land Rover Defender.

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