We realize a lot of you check the website on a daily and weekly basis looking for inventory updates and project availability. While we try our best to keep the listings updated, the demand over the past year has lead to most of the Defenders being sold before we’re even able to get them posted online.

As one of the only Defender builders in the country that offers everything from driving restoration projects to fully-custom built-to-order Defenders, we also have a diverse and amazing customer base.  We try to ensure we have inventory to offer everyone, as we still believe a Defender should be within reach for anyone with a little patience and small savings.

We Have Defenders Reserves

We now have three locations where we build Defenders – two in Minnesota and one in Salisbury, England. We also have several friends and partners around the world that have kept our sourcing pipeline fresh during the times of limited travel. Between our locations, we generally keep around 45 vehicles in stock at any given point. Some of them are customer builds, while others might be waiting to turn 25, or for us to simply get around to doing a bit of work to get them to the standard which we believe is acceptable to offer them up to the market.

We sell most of our inventory as commissioned projects these days, but not just high-end builds.  We offer this concierge service at all budget levels – again, something of a very rare offering. When we find a good candidate for restoration or preservation we keep them in our reserve collection – waiting for the right parents to come along.

We Can Find and Build Any Type of Defender

For those of you who know they want to adopt a Defender and are simply waiting for the right one to come along, we ask that you reach out and begin a conversation. It’s likely we have something in the pipeline that will fit your needs. We are more than eager to have a quick telephone call to walk through your wish list and give you free advice on how to find your perfect Defender – even if it’s not from us.

A couple questions we ask during this conversation:

  1. What’s on your “must-have” list for your Defender?
    This could be a color, or a style, or a particular engine package. This helps us narrow down the candidates that will fit your needs.
  2. What’s on your “nice-to-have” list for your Defender?
    For some, this could be an accessory such as air conditioning, or it could be a color or roof rack system. Having the nice-to-have list documented allows us to find a donor that is closer to your ideal candidate – saving you a lot of time and money.
  3. What’s on your “do-not-want” list for your Defender?
    For a lot of people this will come down to the simple statement, “I don’t want to spend $180,000 on a Defender that I’m going to be afraid to drive off-road.” For others it might be a particular color or finishing touch they don’t like.
  4. What’s your ideal budget for your Defender?
    Because of our transparent pricing approach, this is less about “how much are you going to spend” and more about “how can we build you the best Defender for your dollar.”  We also don’t want to put you in an uncomfortable situation where you feel pressured to build something you’re not happy with. And even more important, we don’t want to get you in trouble with anyone at home.
  5. What’s your timing for your Defender?
    There are two aspects of this question: when do you want to start and when do you want to take delivery of your Defender?  This helps us decide the approach for building and/or sourcing your vehicle.  If we have more time, we will likely find a better preservation candidate.  If you’re in a rush due to a special event, then we can suggest alternatives that will get you into the seat of a Defender faster.

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