The team at Bishop+Rook continues the restoration of their latest Land Rover Defender 110 – “Project Blackwater.” In this episode we feature the disassembly process, where we take the Defender apart, neatly organize the parts, and continue to evaluate the restoration approach necessary to get the project back to factory fresh.

We found some interesting fixes on this old Land Rover Defender 110 from their previous French caretakers. We suspect they used this Defender more as a farm truck than an urban explorer. It was not cared for the way we would like, but it is now our job to give her some love. In the first episode of Bishop+Rook’s Defender Rescue the team did some experiments with pain removal and worked through the build plan.

Bishop+Rook – Defender Rescue Project – “Assessment + Stripping Stage” – Episode 001

If you want to watch the entire timelapse of the Defender Disassembly, we’ve put that online, as well. Bishop+Rook – Defender Rescue Project – “Defender Disassembly in 10 Minutes” – Episode 002 Preview